My name is Nicole Evert and I am the Reptile Queen. My entire life revolves around animals and yes, I love reptiles, specifically snakes, some would say I’m “obsessed”, but I would say “excessively passionate”, but that will not be the only thing I will focus on sharing with you, as I love many other things.

I am a goth in disguise, meaning black is my happy colour. Black is so versatile! It can go with anything, it can be formal, casual, and make one hell of a sexy outfit!

Adventure, discoveries, food, a taste of beautiful life, poetry and other writings (by me and others), and the innocence and amazement of animals – serpents especially – is all things you could come to expect to hear about as time moves along. I’ll share my views and opinions on certain subjects, and in the field of serpents perhaps even try to break certain misconceptions about them, after all, the difference between fear and beauty is knowledge.