Food Allergies

Being a foodie, you love a lot of tastes and flavors, different ingredients that just tingle your taste buds and make your heart complete. That being said, obviously, one of your worst nightmares would be allergies. Luckily for me I don’t have any food allergies.

Except bananas. Odd, I know.

It’s not a dangerous allergy where I would need to go to the hospital if consumed, but it is mighty uncomfortable, and can also cause a bit of pain.

The thing is, when I was younger, I could still tolerate the reaction; just a bit of a bothersome itch in my throat. I used to still eat bananas quite often then, but in recent times, it has gotten worse. I now taste iron and my throat feels like fire!

My favourite thing in the morning would be a lovely blueberry-banana smoothie; it was delightful, refreshing, healthy and filling, but now even my lips start to sting and swell slightly when the liquid comes into contact with it.

This seriously upsets me! I actually love banana, and the fact that I can’t eat it anymore is just annoying. Do you know how many divine and delicious recipes there are that involves banana? Especially the ones I’ve seen lately! I’m always paging through cookbooks, scrolling through pinterest and seeing cooking videos that look incredible, and then suddenly the bananas appear!

Banana based non-churn ice cream, banana smoothies, banana this, banana that! My mother makes the best banana bread! It’s like the universe is making fun of me, trying to torment me!

Do you have any food allergies that drive you nutty (excuse the bad allergy pun)?

9 thoughts on “Food Allergies

  1. ♡ Like pigs, I LOVE pigs especially bacon, I WILL!!! eat absolutely anything; 😆😅😄😃😂😁😀😉😊 ‘Titanium’ ~ David Guetta feat. Sia but I AM still terrified of reptiles and amphibians, it puzzles me how anyone can be afraid of frogs 🤔 ?



  2. I too have some kind of intolerance to banana. I was not allowed to eat them after lunch time as a child because they would give me nightmares, I guess due to not being able to digest them. I found this annoying because he of my favourite desserts was banana custard. As I got older it eased a bit until I was pregnant. Now I can’t eat them at all, but have mostly learned to do without them, except just occasionally I long for a peanut butter and banana sandwich!

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  3. You’re right, ReptileQueen, that is a particularly cruel allergy. The severe reaction pre-empts any notions of experimentation too.

    I suppose the allergy also applies to plantains, though they and bananas are quite different taste-wise.

    Can’t say I’m that big of a fan of bananas by themselves, but as one ingredient among others, wow! I won’t be gratuitous and describe my favorite preparations. Besides, your past experience shows you already grasp the concept.

    One hope is that, just as your body’s chemistry changed to make the allergy much more severe, maybe, eventually, it will change back just as completely.

    Until then, enjoy the 17.652 other culinary delights the world offers. Easy advice to offer, but nearly impossible to follow completely. Akin to, “Pay no attention to the rhino preparing to charge you.”

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  4. If your Banana craving gets desperate, remember that there’s always Banana flavored extract, and Banana flavored Instant putting. Sure, they’re artificial, but they could still serve as good recipe ingredients.

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