Beach Day

I haven’t been to the beach properly in years, and even though the temperature is dropping, day by day, this day was a particularly sunny and warm day, so we decided to grab our things and make a mission to the beach to relax.

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Porcelain Flower

I hear a soft flower call to me
Delicate, elegant
Captivating beauty
Dainty and small
Nature’s porcelain doll
I see it open
Graceful and quiet
Enjoying first light
Warmth on violet.
The most appeal
One wishing to steal
To whisk away
But perhaps she’ll stay
She can’t decide
For herself
She can only hope
To wake again
To the morning light
Gracing her skin.

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The Sun Goes Down

Saturday evening was a peaceful display; watching the water caress the rocks, as we listened to the hush of the ocean, a chilly breeze blowing in from the seaside.

We had driven out to a lookout point at Koggelbaai, and sat by the edge above the the sea, enjoying the tranquility of the moment. There was no constant chatter surrounding us, as there were hardly any people, those who were, were enjoying the view themselves.

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Morning Surprise

Saturday was a day to remember, purely for the reason of how it started; with a surprise.

I pulled myself away from the sleep I struggle so greatly to separate myself from, and proceeded to do my morning routine in my usual zombie state. Being a night owl, mornings are quite groggy for me until I get my much-needed cup of tea or good old coffee!

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The Fugitives

Painting by Andrei Markin

He heard her shriek and felt a warm sensation spread over him, starting in his stomach. It was the same warmth he felt after a glass of wine, and it spread through his body, creeping like a spider down his legs, touching his toes and then crawling back up at a much faster pace till it reached his head, making him feel drunk from her terror.

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